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Types of Injuries

The type of injury that victims sustain can play a major role in how their personal injury claim process will work and how they will be compensated. Mild and non-permanent physical damages are typically handled in a civil fashion, with our legal efforts focus on obtaining the maximum compensation possible. This monetary compensation can cover the costs of any emergency medical treatment and care, as well as any lost income resulting from a victim's inability to work. For more serious damages, commonly referred to as catastrophic injuries, the extent and severity of the physical, emotional and financial consequences increase the need for fair compensation and make claims extremely high stakes situations.

Catastrophic Injuries

A physical injury can be considered catastrophic when it results in serious physical damage, extensive medical procedures, and / or long term care. Catastrophic injuries can range in severity from temporary limitations that victims eventually recover from to life altering situations that require a lifetime of medical attention. In either of these cases, the need for compensation is essential to paying for medical bills and to ensuring that future medical needs can be met. As such severe injuries create a number of psychological repercussions on both victims and families, compensation may also be recovered for emotional damages.

Brain Injuries
Modern medical science has yet to fully unearth the ways in which the human brain works and recovers from injuries. What can be said with certainty, however, is that head trauma and brain injuries can be incredibly devastating. As the center of the body's nervous system, the brain is responsible for more senses, organs and bodily functions than science has been able to fully understand or discover. As such, even the most minor brain injuries can result in severe repercussions, including both physical damages and mental and cognitive impairment. Treatment for brain injuries is also incredibly expensive, which makes full compensation vital to the well-being of victims.

Burn Injuries
Severe burns can create multitudes of separate injuries and illnesses and require extensive medical procedures, treatment and long term care. Often, catastrophic burn injuries result in lifetime physical impairments, which can deeply affect a victim's psychological and emotional well-being.

Spinal Cord Injuries
Injuries to the neck, back and spinal cord can be life changing. The physical damages associated with temporary disability or permanent paralysis can create a lifetime of limitations and medical need. In addition, the severe loss in the quality or enjoyment of life that spinal cord injury victims experience often result in many negative emotional repercussions, including depression.

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All injured victims have the legal right to seek compensation from responsible parties. When injuries are severe and catastrophic, compensation is a virtual necessity. This being the case, catastrophic injury victims and their families need to place their trust in proven lawyers who know how to obtain the maximum compensation possible. With more than 25 years of experienced, millions of dollars in compensation recoveries, and a genuine commitment to improving the lives of the clients we represent, Habbas & Associates is a strong choice for legal representation. Contact our firm today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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