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Victims who experience injuries or illnesses as the result of another party's negligence need aggressive, supportive and experienced legal advocates by their side. At Habbas & Associates, our legal services are all focused on providing injured victims and their families with top quality and successful legal representation and with the monetary compensation they are rightfully owed. With a deep pool of legal knowledge and skills to draw from, our legal team is prepared to handle a wide variety of cases, accidents and injuries. If you have been involved in any of the following situations, our firm can be of assistance.

Car Accidents
As one of the leading causes of personal injury and death in the United States, car accidents have become commonplace on our roads and highways. When victims are injured in accidents they did not cause, they have the legal right to file personal injury claims and recover compensation from negligent or careless drivers, or from other parties who may have caused their accident.

Truck Accidents
Any type of motor vehicle accident can result in injuries and fatalities. Truck accidents, however, have a much higher potential to result in injuries and death due to the large size and weight of commercial vehicles and their inability to maneuver or stop quickly. For victims injured in truck accidents, legal representation is essential to obtaining the compensation they need.

Motorcycle Accidents
Due to a lack of protection and overall vulnerability, motorcycle riders run amazingly high risks of suffering injuries and fatalities in motor vehicle accidents. While this means that they will typically need compensation to pay for their medical treatment, they often go unfairly compensated by insurance companies who contest motorcycle accident claims aggressively.

Drunk Driving Accidents
Drivers who injure others while under the influence of alcohol or drugs must be held accountable for their actions and liable for the damages they cause to victims. Even though impaired drivers may face criminal proceedings, injured victims must file claims in a civil court in order to recover the compensation they deserve.

Premises Liability
Premises liability law makes property owners, land owners, and other premises owners who make their facilities open to visitors and guests responsible for providing safe and healthy conditions. When visitors, guests or licensed individuals are injured on their property, such as in slip and fall accidents, premises owners can be held liable for compensating victims.

Medical Malpractice
Physicians, nurses, medical professionals and health care providers are required to uphold reasonable standards of care. When they fail to do so or act negligently, they can be held liable for injuries or illnesses they cause to victims. Medical malpractice claims can be filed for medication errors, surgical errors, diagnostic errors and birth injuries, among others.

Types of Injuries
There are a number of types of injuries that victims can suffer, and they can range from mild physical injuries to severe and catastrophic physical damages, such as burns, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries.

Workers' Compensation
Workers who are injured while performing their job can seek financial assistance, wage supplementation and benefits through their employer's workers' compensation program. Legal assistance is vital during this complicated legal process, and can be of benefit if further personal injury claims for negligence are pursued.

Wrongful Death
California law allows certain eligible family members to seek monetary compensation from wrongdoers whose negligence or wrongful acts result in the death of their relative. Wrongful death claims can be deeply emotional matters, and require swift, delicate and experienced legal attention.

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Habbas & Associates goes the extra mile to ensure that injured victims and families are guided through their legal process and that they receive the successful resolution and compensation they deserve. With more than 25 years of experience, extensive firm resources and an unrelenting level of commitment, our firm stops at nothing when fighting for our clients. If you, a loved one or someone you know has been wrongfully injured, contact Habbas & Associates today for aggressive representation.

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